Miller Architecture


Miller Architecture is a boutique architectural practice in Charlotte, North Carolina begun in 1995 working currently in NC, SC, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, DC, Florida and Ohio.

We relish opportunities to design, detail and innovate with Owners to create Architecture that is striking and picturesque.

As you see on this web site by passing the cursor over scrolling images, we do not adhere to limited architectural styles.

With the latest in BIM and other 3D technologies we collaboratively create environments that are reflections of our Clients' tastes, budget, and the potential of the building's site and its larger context and value.

We respect what already exists and valuable about a place. We take negative qualities and make opportunities until we achieve design solutions of form, space, light and material that are appropriate to the need whether that is exhilarating, comfortable or efficient for Clients who want assurance that their building will be delightful, well-proportioned and skillfully detailed to last.

Beyond this we strive for designs that are timeless in their appeal for the long-term benefit of our Clients and the built environment.

Our work is popular with the public and has been honored with 15 National Architectural Design Awards since 2015.

With a career spanning more than 35 years Tony Millerís buildings, villages and resorts can be found across the east coast from Florida to Massachusetts. Many of his thousands of buildings, environments and design detailing have been featured in books and magazines and have garnered numerous national awards for innovation or excellence since 1999.

Miller Architecture